At Dropaid, Inc., we do everything we can to get the most for your item.  You can help too.  Here are a few things you can do before you bring your item in.

Make sure you bring your item in as complete as possible– all parts, manuals, instructions, packaging, receipts, appraisals and anything else related to the item.  Items that are complete are worth more to the buyer and you will get more by taking a minute to find these items.

We do our best to describe the item as detailed as possible, including flaws and defects.  If you know of any defects, please disclose them when dropping your item off.  Buyers do not expect perfect used items.  In fact, most buyers are wary of used items that claim to be in “perfect” condition.  If the flaws are not disclosed ahead of time, chances are the buyer will return the item.

Accurate pictures are what sells your item online.  A clean appearance will get more money for your item every time.  We have no problem wiping off dust or smudges, but if your item requires heavy cleaning or polishing, please do so before dropping your item off.  We will not do any heavy cleaning and this may affect the final price for your item.


Item Limitations: Although we can sell most anything on eBay, we are required to follow their policies.  Please see eBay’s list of prohibited items for more details.  In an attempt to prevent the sale of stolen items, a state ID must be presented at the time of the drop off.  The address on the ID is the only address that checks will be mailed to.

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